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Dron, an evil robot was ordered to imprison people he could find, now Kabitis and his friend Aike are seeking to free the prisoners.
This is a 2D platform game that can be played on up to 2 players, accepts joyticks, has nearly 30 levels in different areas in story mode, including bonus stages. Plus a few extras that can be unlocked is also possible to unlock arenas to battle mode. This is a game focused on fun and has enough content to ensure this.

During the story mode, you can collect crystals that can be used to purchase items in the store that can be accessed during the game. Kabitis and Aike also level up and become more resistant to damage as earning a certain amount of points by fighting against enemies.
In the store you can also buy bees that help you with something, for example, Crissa collect crystals and Brigia hit the enemies, but watch out for her.
In the store you can also buy and sell time. For example, in the game stages have a timer, which means the time required in order to open a gate, placed by Dron, that is in the end of each stage. If this time is up, the door can not be opened and you lose, however, if you need time, you can buy minutes in the shop, using the crystals you've collected and if you feel you have time to spare, you can sell seconds, is not cool it?
The game has other varieties of items, like magic box, which when using it she chooses a premium of about 20, to give you, have bad prizes and good prizes. Oh, and watch out for the poisonous spikes as by touch it you get poisoned and need to take a grape juice urgently to heal.
Kabitis is a game focused on fun, and bring enough challenges during the stages, and if you are having difficulty getting somewhere or want to catch something that is difficult to access, you can buy New Platforms to build them where you want.

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Published 1 year ago
Tags16-bit, 8-bit, Action-Adventure, Co-op, kabitis
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Portuguese
InputsKeyboard, XBox 360 controllers
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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Hello! I have this game on itch.io. How can I get steam key? Thank you!

Hi, when someone buy the New Version they can download the Old Version for free. Thanks.

Can I have the steam key of this game, please?

Can I get a key for the steam release?

Is The Key still has??

You can buy this bundle for a good price with 6 games and Kabitis included:

Somebody said "Mass Giveaway" "10.000 keys" and so on. I guess that means I'll get every game on itch.io for free from now on?

Okay! Now I see, he/they are releasing 10.000keys for Kabits and that itself is a Massiv Giveaway.

Yes, these keys are for Kabitis. I hope you enjoy the game and also that it be approved on Steam. Thanks.

It felt kind of strange. I'm use to play with the mouse. I guess controller is supported / will be supported.

You can play with conroller too. Like 360's controller.


Sweet. I don't have one, but I feel like the game would be better to play with a controller.

I simply pressed Ctrl+Shift+I and removed overflow=hidden in the html code. (The code is laggy so you have to be patient on that side to.)

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Okay. So, the link you get is mostly cut off. Be careful to highlight the entire URL you get for the itch.io key.


omg no keys


Hello, thank you for interest. To get the key, just follow the instructions in OtakuMaker site. I hope you enjoy it!!!


Hi, we are still waiting for our steam keys


Hello, thank you for interest. To get the key, just follow the instructions in OtakuMaker site. I hope you enjoy it!!!


There are no Steam keys only "itch.io" keys.


Hello, these keys are for itch.io, Kabitis is not yet available on Steam, for him to be released on Steam, it is necessary that the people vote for him in the Steam Greenlight. Thank.